Further Readings

Further Readings

a small collection on the usage of blood in cooking:

Nordic Food Lab, Blood and Egg by Elisabeth Paul, 09/2013

The Guardian, Baking with Blood: Homemade Halloween Treats by Phil Daoust, 10/2014

Good.is, Everything you Need to Know about Cooking with Blood, Mark Hay, 10/2014

Munchies, You should be cooking with blood by Ben Reade, 10/2014

Munchies, Blood Custard tastes better than it sounds by Michael Segalov, 11/2015

Lucky Peach, Blood Sausages from around the world by Chris Ying, 02/2016

zum fressn gern. A foodie's diary by Nicole 10/2016

SonntagsZeitung, Wir sind alle Vampire, Anke Fossgreen, 10/2016

nutraingredients.com, Bloody good idea? Could 'wasted' animal blood be alternative protein source? by Nathan Gray, 03/2017

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