The Aims of Promoting Blood Consumption are...

- To express the goodness of blood.
- To show the possibilities of the use of blood as a sustainable nutritional source (opposing food waste).
- To create a market for the existing but un-used side products of slaughter.
- To promote and connect the makers of our food: nature, the farmers, the processors, artisans and chefs.
- To continuously research new ways to use blood as a good food ingredient.
- To associate blood with our culinary heritage.
- To reintroduce the knowledge of how to handle blood.
- To be in search for the forgotten and new styles of using blood, in a regional and global context.
- To inspire to integrate blood in home cooking.


First version of this manifest was presented by This Schälchli in March 2015
reworked by Laura Schälchli in March 2016